Yet another Dewalt 611 dust-collecting system

I’ve been inspired by many ideas for Dewalt 611 dust-collecting systems; however, none fit my exact needs. I decided to take many of the ideas (e.g. attachment to X-carriage instead of spindle, clear vinyl skirt) and make my own. The project can be seen here:

Here’s a picture to show the final product:

The magnets attached to the X-carriage with epoxy are shown in the yellow circle.
I attached two magnets ( to the X-carriage. Steel angle brackets ( are attached to the dust-collecting system with machine screws. These provide a magnetic surface for attachment to the magnets on the X-carriage. The clear vinyl skirt is made from this material:
Self-adhesive Velcro strips are used to attach the vinyl skirt to the dust-collecting system.


That looks very nice! My only concern would be if the dust shoe gets bumped or somehow twists during cutting, causing it to be pulled through the bit. Beyond that, I really like it!

I think the key there would be to make sure the skirt is barely touching or just about the work piece to minimize the change of any snags. However, your point is well-taken and I’ve only used the skirt for one simple project where I was engraving two-color HDPE. It worked great for that project allowing the spindle to move up-down independently of the dust-collecting system.

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What size bit did you use… I’m only getting the G-code into Easel and when this is is in there is no possability to setup what bit one is useing… and if I’m getting the file from Inventables it goes directly to easel… can’t put it in UGS…

Thanks in advance