Yet another Z Axis/limit switch question . A new one!

So, when attempting to set up my newly assembled X-Carve 1000mm I have run into a problem I do not see addressed elsewhere

Everything seems fine in the initial test stages. X and Y work when jogged and the Z Axis moves up and down. Until, it hits the limit switch. Once that happens, the green light on the power button goes off and the Z Axis will not move again until I restart the machine.

This happens whether I am moving the axis manually or attempting to home. I’ve checked everything several times but this makes no sense at all. All I can imagine is that there is some issue in the X-Controller?

What am I missing?

How are you restarting? Is the Z switch pressed when you restart?

What is your GRBL $21-value? It should read =0 for now.

Could be a funky board.