Z axis angle problem

Hello, I’m wondering if anyone has had this problem. As you can see from the picture or video I have a problem in that the X rails are in the right angle with the Waste Board, but Z axis is not . How can I set this angle on the Z axis?I Try Almost Everything. Bojan - Slovenia

It looks to me like maybe there is an issue with the spacing of the v wheels on the x carriage. If the x rails are straight, and the carriage is off, I would inspect all of the wheels. Are all of the washers there? Are they the same thickness? Any burrs anywhere? I don’t know for sure, just throwing out some ideas.

You have the two piece X rail but with bolts between to stiffen, make sure that the bolts aren’t pushing the top edge but allowing the bottom to twist inward.

search for tram X axis there are many post on how to level this and how to make the tools needed for a more accurate level.

If that angle is consistent all across the width of the X I would shim the Z slider out at the bottom accordingly.