Z axis assembly

When assembling the z axis to the gantry, what height should the bottom of the z axis be from the waste board. On my initial test carve the bit wouldn’t even touch the material even after probing. Then I lowered the z axis on the gantry and seems the cut depth is to deep even after probing. I’m pretty new to CNC

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Hi again, yep same person …

Anyway if its too deep after probing then either the probe thickness isnt set correctly, or the grbl settings aren’t correct .

Here are the defaults for the older xcarve, along with a link to the ones that are different for the new options… if your $102 is set for the old xcarve you will experience over plunging, which is what I suspect the issue is…

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Seth, I just upgraded to the new 9mm belts and Z axis carriage. I cannot drop down low enough for working 1/4" thick wood. Is there something I can do besides build a 2" platform for small work? Thanks in advance.

The z attached to the x with 4 screws from the back, with the slot nuts right?

Where in the instructions does it way how high or low to place those t nuts when its tight? From what I’ve seen it doesn’t and this same issue/complaint comes up daily in the Facebook groups :man_facepalming:

So youll need to loosen those 4 screws, slide the entire z axis lower enough and then tighten the screws back

Thanks. There are 4 locations on the back for mounting the carriage. Unfortunately, 2 are on the bottom with the other 2 in the top 1/4 of the assembly. I have everything as low as I can and still get some bite from the slot nuts on the lower 2. I’ll build me a platform to put thinner stock on till there’s a different way. Appreciate your time.