Z axis bearings keep falling out

Excuse me if I am in the wrong Forum, I am fairly new to this.
I have a problem with the bearings in my x-axis falling out all the time. Is there a good secret someone could help me with outside of super glue?

Hey Garry,
what type of cnc is this? X-Carve?

and do you have a photo?

It is a Genmitso 1810 Pro
I am attempting to put a photo here now. I am not as smart as I used to be so if you would hang on, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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Here it is, it might be a little large, sorry.

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Ok, I see.

I thought this was the 3018. Its a pretty common issue.

They are press fit into that hole. Mine have never come out, maybe I got lucky.

I’ve seen people add CA (super) glue and press them back in.
And I’ve seen some remove them, drill and tap in a set screw and that seems to work as well.

I think the glue method would be easy enough to try :thinking:

Thanks. I think I will try the super glue. Have a great day and stay safe.

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Here’s an old tool & die makers trick.
Take a large ball bearing (obviously larger than the hole). Place it on the hole, then give it a rap with a hammer.
What this does, is puts a slight chamfer on the periphery of the hole causing it to close up slightly.
Works every time.

We used to take a center punch and tap it a few times around the outer bearing and give it a slight burr then tap it in place.

Yep…that will work too.

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