Z-axis became reverse

Hello all,

I am hoping to get some help with this problem. First I set up my carve for a roughing pass like I have done multiple times. It did its carve with no issues. I set everything up for the detail pass and used the last X/Y. It started its carve and went way off the piece to try and start the carve. I stopped it, closed out of easel, reset it up with a new X/Y zero and the problem was still there and now my z-axis started to act in reverse and moves way beyond the setting. I’m not sure if I just need to flash the controller?

Hi Cody!

The $3 setting controls the direction of each Axis, but this is saved onto the cnc and is not easily reset… unless you had to re-do the machine setup, that would cause Easel to push the defaults to the cnc and then the setup sequence has you test operation nd based on your answers during that test it will automatically change them to set it correctly…

You can go into machine inspector to change the setting manually, BUT that uses a kinda complicated chart that often is a bit confusing to use at first… image

It’s a lot easier to just re-do the machine setup and make sure to test XYZ on the right screen and answer the questions correctly and let Easel set them up properly…

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