Z-axis behaving erratically

Having taken my time building the x-carve I’m so close to being finished and so confused by the z-axis.

I’ve got the 1000mm version with the ACME screw on the axis. When I run throught the machine set-up through Easel, the X and Y axis respond how I would expect (ie, press to move it left, thats the way it moves) but the Z axis will seemingly make a random choice on which way to move.

If I press to move it down it might move down, it also seems just as likely that it’ll move up.

Apologies for the low quality vid but helps to understand whats happening…

X-Carve Z axis video

Can anyone help?

Looks like a wiring problem, check to be sure all your Z motor connections are tight and there are no loose strands that may be touching something they shouldn’t. When I first assembled mine the X motor was acting erratic like that, I finally examined the connections on the terminal strip with a magnifying glass and found one tiny stand of wire was touching the adjacent terminal.

If the wires are all solidly connected and correct then try increasing the voltage to the Z motor a bit,

Thats exactly what it was - a stray strand of wire was shorting across a couple of wires…kinda feel silly for not noticing that now!

First carve complete (with only a single loose v-wheel as a casualty - will be getting some loctite tomorrow)…

Thanks for your help Allen.