Z-Axis Chatter During Initial SEtup

I am working on the initial setup of my 1000mm x 1000mm X-Carve. I have communication with my computer, I was able to successfully jog the system in the correct X, Y, and Z directions. Then in the next test, I indicated that I had a system with homing switches. The Z-axis goes to the top of its travel, but then just chatters. It has not hit the limit switch at all. What needs adjusting?

Is it hitting the hard stop?
Is the Dewalt housing hitting the a motor plate?
Is the delrin block too tight on the acme screw?
Just some common things to inspect.

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Does it hit the switch? If not, what is preventing it?
Easel Machine Inspector UI have a switch indicator, which turn green if you trigger the switch by hand, quick self-test.

Thank you Mark. It was indeed hitting the hard stop before it hit the limit switch. I made the adjustment and the homing went properly. Also got me to set the other hard stops properly.

Another question - what do you find the optimal height for setting the DeWalt 611 router in the housing?

Sorry I do not use a DeWalt.
However I would suggest you place the shortest bit you will use in the router and set up so you can reach the wasteboard for cut-through.
There have been reports of the DeWalt housing hitting the Z motor plate. I suspect that is a result of certain rotation in mounting.