Z axis crash 90% through run

I am running an x carve clone through grbl and Meshcam V8. In the process of cutting a tapered gear ± 100 mm diameter everything appeared to be going smoothly. Roughing cuts no apparent issues. However 90% of the way through the finishing cuts, the Z axis decided to do its own thing. Plunged to the full depth of the bit, 30mm in a 27 mm thk material. Then it came back up to about 4 mm depth, travelled diagonally to right and then plunged to full depth of the bit, whereupon I shut things down. All this happened in about 5 seconds. Meshcam Support suggests an issue with the Z axis acceleration settings but don’t say whether to increase or decrease the setting.

Have you tried that file with a simulation software? CAMotics, for example. Also, this is under Easel. If you are drawing and generating paths in something other than Easel, I can’t see a single good reason for using Easel.

very similar issue I have had.

Only when using easel carve output, everything is fine, then all of a sudden z just plunges and work piece is destroyed.

Outputting the code to candle and its a non issue.

Please elaborate on “Outputting the code to candle and its a non issue.”

When I download the grbl file and run the output in candle never have any z axis diving issues. only when running through easel

Has Inventables taken note of this crash issue and if so are they looking at a solution.?