Z- Axis cuts deeper than intended

I have a problem with my x-carve z-axis. each time I say make a cut 10mm deep the machine keeps cutting beyond 10mm without stopping… my nemas are calibrated! what could be causing this?
Is the something Im missing when it comes to the cut depth settings?

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Make sure you are not running in inch mode.

What g code sender are you using?

Im using easel for design and g-coding…

How (in detail) did you calibrate your Z-Axis?
Also please post your Machine Inspect (GRBL) settings.

Hi Jeremy
Im not sure if I know how to get the GRBL settings.

Be sure the microstep jumper is set correctly on your Gshield Z axis

well we do so when I get home!

The jumper should look like this

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ok will surely check it out