Z axis cutting depth issue

my name is jun from south korea. when I tried just Easel, I have a problem with z depth is something wrong. I tried to make 10mm depth hole. X carve made 20mm hole. do you know why this thing is happen? I check that jog the machine an inch in the z-axis direction and see if that moves an inch in reality. it works well.

please help

By the way, I use mm not inch

How did you set your Z zero?
What are you cutting? What are your cut settings?

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and please see my machine inspector

I did z zero

I tried cutting woods and plastics

If the machine goes deeper that intended you either have an incorrect workflow or mechanical issues.

1 - If during Machine Setup you chose Z-plate, this introduce an Z-offset and if you zero on top surface of material total plunge = design depth + offset

2 - Mechanical, loose pulley, steps lost during retraction etc. Do the bit return to the exact starting point again after the carve?

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thanks for kind explaination. when I jog z axis, I tried to move 1mm but it was not. it was moved more than 1mm. do you know why?

Jog a 20mm command up and down several times - what is the actual distance measured?

You can affect travel by choosing a level of microstepping and defining a step per mm value (GRBL parameter $102 for Z axis)

What is your current $102 value and what is your Z microstepping set to?

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I jog 10mm but i moved 20mm so how can I fix this? can you tell me where is a level of micro stepping set is ?

May I suggest you search the forum a little also? Research and then ask if required :slight_smile:

“Microstepping” :

“Edit $102” :

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yes, you need to adjust $102. Basically, you need to use a ratio of the input movement and the actual movement. So if it moves 20mm actual on a 10mm input, you need to use a .5 ratio, which would decrease the actual movement to the input movement of 10mm. Hopefully that isn’t too confusing, but that is a very basic boiled down version of what you need to do.

Basically, you need to calibrate your machine.

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Changing the micro stepping value one can also tweak the steps/mm in halves and doubles.
What is your current $102 value?