Z axis depth is incorrect even after performing z probe callibration

The other day I noticed my circles were more oval. I tightened the belts and that seemed to fix it. I did a new setup and using the zprobe to calculate the size of the wood (Half Inch). When I start the carve it dives right into the wood and is carving the path. When it gets to its first cut it goes clean through the wood into the board.

If the z probe is responding and z axis stops as soon as it hits the puck, why would it do this?

Not sure what you mean here?

Are you using the z-probe to zero the bit to the top of the workpiece?
Is your z-probe properly configured (thickness) in whatever program you are using?

Yes, I also just did a test carve not using the probe for thickness, I lowered it manually to the work piece and still having the same issue.

Is this a new machine or one you have been using? I don’t use easel and have no idea how to zero the bit with it. But that seems to be the problem…

I’ve had it for about a month total…haven’t had issues carving until a few days ago, but I’m still new and learning.

It seems like the zeroing is off…verify the probe thickness…not sure how…but I am sure someone will chime in for specific easel questions.

I may have found the issue…I may have been selecting M8 threaded rod by accident instead of the Acme one…going to test again shortly to confirm. I hate that these settings never save permanently.

That will do it…good luck!

The settings should save between sessions.

Check your browser settings for accepting cookies. What browser are you using?

Also, did you measure your probe thickness to make sure it matches the probe settings?

Selecting M8 vs. ACME will change the steps/mm value for the Z axis so the commanded distance won’t match the physical distance.

Just did a test carve, and it worked as expected.

Using Chrome

I agree with Justin, settings should be saved.