Z Axis Depth when Raised wood off platform

Not sure if I am in the right place, but maybe someone can help. I’m new to the CNC, trying to run a detail cut and then a rough cut. I had to raise the wood off the waste board so when it cut through it would not cut into the board. Now, it won’t engrave the detail pass, it just engraves air, like it won’t go deep enough. I homed it, probed it and still nothing. What might I be doing wrong


using small cutters seemed have this issue, lower your Z assembly. by loosening 4 screws on the gantry for adjustments.

Everything engraves fine when I zero it at the actual wasteboard but the fact that I had to lift the wood off of the board so I can cut it through us when it started having issues. Is there a difference setting that has to be made when you lift the wood off of the platform for cutting? When I look at the cut settings it has a red! Next to it so I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong.


Dose your cutter and/or end mill reach your waste board? or possibly your material thickness needs to be verified for your project. Also are you re-zeroing your “Z” after cutter change?

Hi David, Which model cnc? (If X-carve, does it have the newer Z axis with the linear rails or the older model with vWheels?)

Also, you will want to have some sort of board below the workpiece, whether you use the stock wasteboard OR a piece of sacrificial material like MDF the workpiece needs to be secured down to a solid surface below or the chance for movement and chatter is greatly increased.

Also can you share the Easel project so that we can see all of the red settings you’re referring to.
To Share the project, In Easel go to Project>Share and set it to “unlisted” then copy the link shown and paste the link over here. Thanks!

Hi there, I have the newer version with the rails. I do have scrap under the MDF to make sure it does not cut in the workpiece. Now that I did that, is when I am having the problem.

Here is the link:

Not sure why it’s doing this, since i’m kind of new to the machine, i’m sure it’s something simple. Let me know what you might think.

So from what I see, it looks like it doesn’t like the detail bit we’ve chosen for MDF, this is our first time trying this board, so maybe we need a recommendation on what detail bit to use for the lettering on MDF. Again, we’re rather new to this, so we’re trying to understand which bits to use for MDF, Pine, etc. Thanks for any help.


Yes to all, it looks like it doesn’t like the detail bit we’ve chosen for MDF. Being new to this, I may need some help with what bits to use for what material, etc.


Looks like you would need to switch the detail bit to a 1/16th but even with the 1/8" it still would cut in small spots so the bit should still have come down on the material and cut.

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