Z axis does not go to zero before next item in carve

I have a series of carves in 1 project. each is a pocket clear out. its not grouped. When the first item is carved and it has cleared out a pocket it goes to the next item to carve but doesn’t go back to zero in the z axis so when it goes to the next item is travels and carves a line to the next place to carve. if it goes to the next place(carve 2) and then carves that and thats deeper then the next travel is what the last carve was but including the depth of the last one but if its less then it carves higher. Its like it doesn’t go to z axis zero before commencing the subsequent carve. I can share the project here. Easel - Copy of nicola crystals
and the gcode is
Copy of nicola crystals (1).nc (611.4 KB)
Can anyone help me debug the issue? it happens on all multiple cuts I do. The gcode can come from easel or other software but still acts the same.

Hey Joe, what model cnc is being used? And What are the grbl settings?
I ask because a mistake was discovered in the Easel grbl settings that get pushed to the current version of X-Carve that turned out to be the root cause of this same sort of issue on others’s X-Carves.

Hi Seth,

Not sure what to reply - its a bluecarve cnc from Bluecarve.com.au in Australia - Will put this question up in support area and get the answer back to you.

somebody said “I suspect your Z G0 travel speed is way too high”

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Please read this thread just updated in the last few hours…


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