Z axis drifting low

Pretty new to the x-carve and was running a project that involved two large words, one above and one below a picture. Started out just fine so i walked away but as it got further along the cutting got deeper to the point it was carving the lines in the material between the letters and then when it was finished the bit was still below the material at the original. Could the screw be too loose? I roughly checked the level of the waste board it surly isnt off a couple mm. Even if it was that shouldnt explain it ending in a lower position after the cut. Thanks for any help.

Pics will help alot.

Check the set screws in the z pulley.

There are three main suspect areas for errors like this:
1 - Pulley not 100% tight (slipping) on the shaft
2 - retract speed / acceleration too high for Z causing it to occasionally loose steps in the Z+ direction
2B - something is binding on the Z axis causing the same
2C - Check GRBL value $1=255 and that the dip switch governing idle current is not set to Reduced Idle Current, but full current.
3 - One of the four wires for the Z motor is loosing contact, with only three wires active the motor will spin but direction will be random up/down.