Z axis gantry plate

I recently inherited a Xcarve? Not sure if its a real Xcarve or not. The inventables has said it is custom build. Well when I got it the Spindle holder was broken off if it. I thought well I’ll just buy a metal one that holds a Makita router. I thought a makita router would be good for hobby use like myself. After buying the holder my gantry plate is wrong and won’t hold the plate. Then I try to find one I could 3d print and can’t find one that is even close. I then sent a message trying to buy a new z-gantry plate that would screw into my slider gantry and also support my z axis makita holder. Inventables said they would not sell me that part alone, and would have to buy an upgrade kit for roughly 300 that wasn’t even in stock?
Can someone please help me?
the holder (that was broke) the holes seem to be 3 1/8in w x 2 3/16 h (middle of holes)

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