Z axis grinding/sticky motor

Hoping to shed some light here - My x-carve 1000 z axis motor makes dreadful grinding noise and stops. I’ve lubricated threaded rod, adjusted v wheels which made no difference, up and down works fine when wound by hand.

So I swapped the x and z terminals on x controller - hey presto Z works fine and the grinding noise/motor issue is now on X. Therefore it points to the z signal coming from x=controller. I have increased pot to maximum and varying settings in between and this makes no difference.

So my question, is this likely to be a PCB fail, does that happen often? This is pretty much a brand new machine but it’s been in the box for 3+ years and only just assembled. Thanks in anticipation. J

have you tried a faster Z plunge rate? If the movement is set very slow, then the sound is much louder, just kinda how steppers work that way.

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