Z Axis homing issue onninitial setup

I’m hoping someone here can help me. I’m new to X-carve and just got my machine assembled 2 days ago. I’m going through the initial computer setup with the most current driver and when I get to the “enable homing” I hit a road block. I’ve tested yxz axis and everything is moving in the right directions. I’ve also checked all wiring and connections and that also looks good. I’ve also manually checked the homimg switches in Inspector and they turn green when I press them. My issue is when I start the homing process z axis starts to go up and hits the switch and doesnt stop. I hear the motor trying to continue to turn and then stops. What am I doing wrong? I did notice i have an Alarm: 9 and Alarm: 1

  • $132=70.000
  • $131=750.000
  • $130=750.000
  • $122=250.000
  • $121=250.000
  • $120=500.000
  • $112=2000.000
  • $111=8000.000
  • $110=8000.000
  • $102=49.909
  • $101=26.660
  • $100=26.660
  • $32=0
  • $31=0
  • $30=1
  • $27=10.000
  • $26=20
  • $25=1000.000
  • $24=50.000
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  • $22=1
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  • $11=0.010
  • $10=115
  • $6=0
  • $5=0
  • $4=0
  • $3=7
  • $2=0
  • $1=25
  • $0=15

Is this a stock xcarve or an xcarve with add ons or an xcarve pro?

it’s the new X-carve with add ons

If the switch works by hand i would have to say the z axes is not touching it in the right spot. I would run the z up slowly until it is ready to touch and see where or if it is going to touch.

It looks like its making a proper contact

If you cab lift it just a tad more and it triggers, then it needs lowered, or you can bend the roller bar down a little bit to make it press the part that’s on the actual switch up just a tiny bit more… Ive heard others mention this issue and they just lowered the switch a tiny bit

Just saw the other thread post… glad you got it sorted :+1:

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