Z-Axis Homing

When setting up my X-Carve in Easel my Z-axis homing went up, hit the trigger and did not stop. The program brought me to the forum but I haven’t found the answers on what do do. Can someone help me out or send me the link to resolve this issue?

Can you check the limit switch status in the machine inspector? When you manually press the Z switch, does it show active?


Start with the following:

  1. Check the wiring on the limit switch and ensure that you have it set up correctly.
  2. When you manually trigger the limit switch does the indicator light up in the Machine Inspector?
  3. Check continuity of each wire.
  4. Check that the wires are connected to the terminals correctly.
  5. Ensure all internal connections inside the X-Controller are snug.

You can also check to make sure Homing is enabled or just run through the setup process again to ensure your set it up correctly.


Brandon Parker


So my issue is in the set up process. I start the homing sequence and is says starting homing sequence. Moves up the z axis .01mm then stops.

I’m not sure how to get to the machine inspector and the issue is during the initial homing sequence set up.

I figured it out thanks everyone!!

What was your issue? People with the same/similar issue might find it helpful if they search.


Brandon Parker

The bolt on the top that prevents the switch from being destroyed if the switch fails and rounder continues upward was threaded too low preventing the router from hitting the limit switch.

Ah haaa … So, it was not hitting the limit switch to begin with … :slight_smile:

I am super-glad you were able to get to the bottom of the issue!!


Brandon Parker

So i have gone over all the wiring. Everything is correct. I can trigger the switch manually and it lights up in the machine inspector. All connections are snug. But still when the router goes up, it hits the z axis switch, and still continues to want to try and go up. I have searched endlessly trying to find a solution. I would seriously pay someone to come out and fix this thing to make it home for me, so it is accurate.

Im lost… please help.

New version xcarve?
Its hitting the linear rail bearings physical limit and hard stipping just b4 pushing the switch enough to trigger it.

Bend the switch down A little
Its mounting holes are like 1/16" too high to use the switch they provide…

You can manaully home from within machine ispector by sending the command $H and watch the lights as it homes… unbent tab and it wont light up, bent tab and itll press just a tad more and itll actually trigger and light up.

I want to send a picture to show the entire mount of the router, where it hits the switch. Ive bent the switch down. It hits it no problem, way before it “bottoms out”. It is the newer after nov. 2021 model.

As you can see, the carriage hits the switch and fully presses it. But it wants to just keep going. Which results in a homing failed.

I see the photo,… but It’s not pushing it Enough… just barely bottoming out before actually pressing it enough to trigger the switch. . .

I honestly cant thank you enough my friend. Thank you for taking the time of your day. Thank you for responding at even the time of night. You were right. I thiught i bent enough, but i had to bend more in the middle of the switch and it worked. Ive had this since november, and finally have homed it. Thank you my friend. If you are in Michigan(dont know where you are from) but look up Webb Farm & Woodworks. And we will treat you to a fine dinner my friend. Thank you.


I Seth, I have watched your video, and I put a small piece of tape on the switch and reran homing using $H. I hits and stops but still failed even though it stopped once it hit the switch. Any other ideas? I have updated everything I could think of and it still wont home.

Go Toni,
When you’re in machine inspector and use that $H command you’re watching the limit switch circles to from white to green, they each are touched, then backed off fast, Then touched slow and backed off slow again, does the circle turn green twice like this?
If not then the switch is still out of reach and instead of pushing the switch enough to trigger it, the machine it hitting a physical end of travel and stopping.

Also what is the alarm number you see when the home fail occurs? Should be an associated line of info in the console section with a number. Thanks!

Hi Seth,
It turns green and stays green when it stops. The alarm is 9. Could my piece of tape be too large?

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Maybe, it shouldnt be green when its finished that axis, maybe the tape is too squishy and then it doesnt back off enough

I will make adjustments, then try again. It want go past the Z switch to test the X and Y.

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