Z axis incorrect depth. Z probe not working

No Matter what bit I am using or depth of cut I select it cuts too deep by a lot!! Z probe appears to work fine until depth is cut then it cuts at least a 1/2” too deep. Even when setting it up manual same issue. When raising to attach dust shoe it never raises it enough to attach. I’ve done shallow cuts with a bit sometimes it works. But anything that is suppose to cut the same depth as material fails very badly. Even when it is suppose to cut tabs it just blasts all the way thru. I even set up just a drill hole at half depth and it cut past material by a lot. My wasteboard is starting to look horrible this has just been a nightmare.

It sounds like wither the machine is hitting the top of the Z axis and then loosing steps and then lowering the correct depth amount. This issue would also explain the dust shoe issue as well…

IF this is not the reason and there appears to be plenty of clearance when the Z lifts at the beginning of the carve, then another issue would be that the grbl settings could be incorrect for your machine.
Which CNC is this, (if Xcarve is is one of the brand new ones with the linear rail Z, or is it the older ones with the vwheels for the Z)

Here are the default settings for the X-Carve since most people who post in here are talking about that one… the settings for the old and the new are included via some links to the newer ones… (photo at the top of the page shows where to access these settings as well)

I have the xcarve pro does that change the settings?

Yep, I just assigned the post to the xcarve pro category. :grin:

Are you putting the z probe on top of the material itself, or on the waste board? :wink: I ask that because I’m also very new to the X-Carve Pro. This is my first experience with any CNC. So that is a mistake I could have totally made! Oh! And another mistake that I actually have made…assuming the z axis is still zeroed out after the last time I used the z probe. I even told it to use the same settings, but it started making a mess of my wood. Won’t do that again.

I have had the same issues. So I stopped using the Z-probe and set the Z-axis maually switching from mm to inch to get the router bit to set a hair over the material. Even though the material may be say 1/2 I’ll set cut depths to like a 1/16 and test by Pausing and playing till its made its 1st plung. I’ve only had mine assembled for a week. Hope this helps.

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