Z axis lead screw rubbing carriage

Recently purchased a used 2015 machine and put a DW611 on it. I did not pay much attention to the lead screw before the swap but it is now at an angle and rubbing against the carriage when the carriage is raised. I can “rock” the carriage back and forth by hand. Trying to understand if this is a design flaw from the earlier machines or simply a re-adjustment of the Z axis. I can’t imagine being able to carve with any accuracy with this.

Thanks. In examining it further and doing a bit of research, it appears that there is a lot of play in the V wheels. In the instructions, it shows two "eccentric’ spacers on the right side of the carriage which mine doesn’t have probably because its an older machine. I ordered the spacers and will see if that solves the problem. I’ll also look at the bearing shoulder when I take it apart to put the spacers on.

the older machines had an eccentric nut assembly instead, but were swapped because they weren’t as easy to adjust

Mine isn’t oscillating as it is in the above photo. Mine seems to have too much play in the V wheels. I thought the eccentric spacers would tighten the wheels.

Thanks for the suggestion to disassemble because I was just going to fight this thing piece by piece had I decided not to pull the whole thing apart. The previous owner had the carriage nuts on wrong, mixed the eccentric nuts and the fixed, so the carriage wasn’t tight. I guessed it worked for his purposes but once I put the 611 on it then the weight caused it to deflect. I completely disassembled and reassembled the Z axis and all is well now.