Z axis Lead screw wobble

I am building my new x carve and am at the point where I install the lead screw. There is a bit of a wobble. Is this normal since there is nothing attacked to it yet! My thoughts would be could cause it to bind it up. Thoughts??
Thank you, Drew


Also, and I know it’s not fully assembled yet, but I noticed the X carriage hits the smooth idler wheels on both sides preventing the limit switch from depressing. Am I getting ahead of myself?

yes. there are some t-nuts, spacers and cap screws included in the install parts to place stops for the switches. pics in my reply.

Sorry I cant see the video to see the wobble. Mine had a very slight wobble when assembled I think I was a little to aggressive adding the drive wheel and nut I gently and carefully adjusted it to remove the wobble

The T nuts to lock the stop posts for the switches should be installed before the end plates are put on. You may have, or can get retro fit nuts that can be placed in the channels and turned to lock in place. The threaded rod looks to be bent. Can you remove it completely and prove straightness before going any further?

Thanks for the response Phil. I will take the z axis apart tomorrow and see if the screw is bent.