Z axis lower eccentric nut tightening?

Maybe im blind or its too late at night but i dont see any way to get the allen wrench in between the x axis plate and the wheel to put it on the screw to tighten the eccentric nut. Same thing for the wheel on other side of the spindle

Hi @BadWolf can you send a picture? I’m not sure I understand what you’re talking about.

Are you referring to this step?

no sorry i mean the spindle mount. the lower v wheels on each side of the spindle, one has an eccentric nut. once the spindle mount is attached to the z axis and then installed on the machine there is no room to get the allen wrench on the hex screw on the back side

my solution was to remove the whole z axis and tighten the wheels off the machine then reinstall. just seems like a lot of work if the eccentric nut come loose during use

You could carefully drive it down so the wheel is off the rail and then use one of those L shaped allen keys

the wheel needed to be on the rail thought in order to tighten the eccentric nut correctly

Good point.

I just went out and checked mine, an L-shaped wrench will fit (like those included in the tool kit). I’ve gone through several rounds of adjusting the eccentric nuts as I’ve tuned my machine, and I find that if I tightened the screw down well enough during the initial assembly, as long as I adjust the nut in a mostly clockwise direction, it stays pretty tight.

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Ill take a picture tonight. Theres no way the allen wrench i got in the tool kit will fit

Ah, right, sorry, I didn’t study the picture well enough, I was looking at one on the x-axis, sorry. Maybe dremel down the short leg of an allen wrench? Or like Zach said, you could drop it down, tighten it in the “widest” position, and then only adjust it clockwise, that should work as well.

heres a pic. you can see the allen wrench is to longg to fit between the plate and screw.

the problem with just turning the ecentric nut to tighten is once its tight you cant turn it anymore. so if its tight in the wrong position you have to loosen the screw a little bit to turn the nut

also another issue with dropping it down is the spindle collate hits the waste board before the wheel gets far enough down

Just now seeing this or I would have chimed in earlier, I struggled a bit with this too. I cut 1/2" or so off my allen wrench and finally got in there. I did it with an angle grinder and sanded the burrs off. The funny thing is I like the shortened wrench better for all the x-carve nuts becuase I can get better pressure against the nut hear with one hand while tightening. Hope that helps.

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Yeah i think that is probably the best solution.