Z-axis motor does not turn when attached to Spindle

When the X-Controller was inboxes, I found its DIP switch set to same as for X and Y axis.(ie 1,3&4 ON) however the instructions manual suggests Z be set as 2&4 ON.
Now my issue is when the Z-axis motor is not coupled to the ACME rod… it turns under the control of the Gcode Sender program . When coupled, you hear the motor sound but there is no spinning of its pulley. I am able to freely turn the ACME rod attached to the spindle. The rod also looks parallel to the Z-axis. No bending. What should I check next?

Verify the pots on the Xcontroller. Might be an under current situation.

The motor does not spin when coupled to the spindle. When decoupled it does.

Exactly! the pulley on the motor end is non-detachable type.

If the motor will engage when powered up, but does not have the power to spin the acme rod when coupled, it really sounds like not enough power is getting to the motor. I would bump up the motor power.

Or binding is introduced when it is coupled to the acme rod…

Or you are attempting to move the motor 1/1000th of a mm and the movement is not noticeable…I’ve done this :slight_smile:


Step 1 - Prepare Controller Board

Make sure your Xcontroller matches that.

Great stuff,
I love the support. It turned out to be low current feroding the stepper. I bumped up the current a bit and there I see the Z-axis move up and down to my delight.
Much respect to you guys!!

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…feeding the stepper