Z axis motor failure

Hello All!
My X axis motor has failed (I believe) after many many hours of great service. When cutting circles, the x axis loses steps (ruined a piece). With the machine stopped, I can easily rotate the shaft by hand, I feel the steps, but it doesn’t hold. The issue is worse when the motor is warm/hot.

I’ve searched for and read many posts, but what there are so many options, I am left confused. Can anyone give me a link to a motor that works, and possibly an upgrade motor? I’m not trying to be lazy, just have a deadline and don’t have time to experiment.

XCarve 1000 x 1000 2.5 years old (right after the upgraded system was put out)

Thanks in advance!

Best Upgrade Available

I would recommend you purchase this upgrade from Inventables. It is created for your machine and is a great price.

I installed this exact kit on my old machine.

Your X axis motor is definitely dead.

Thank you Robert. I have the phantom lead screw kit installed. I need only the motor, but certainly appreciate the link!!

do you have the stock motors with the pulley removed, or a different motor?

Phantom Lead screw kit, . . What kit is this, the one from cnc4newbies? they offer a kit with upgraded steppers as well as one without where the stock motors are reused.

Here’s the stock stepper motors:

Seth, Yes, stock motors with the belt pulley removed. I bought the upgrade kit through this forum. I’M getting old so don’t remember anything but that the guys “NAME” Was Phantom. great support, great kit. It replaced all of the belts with lead screws, but used the original motors. Thank you for the link!!!

oh I found MXF phantom About – MFX Workshop
and that kit, but not much info about it. the photos on the post are all invalid now as well…
well, it looks like that link above is the only place to order the stock motors with the connectors installed.

If you want to order cheaper ones there’s Stepper Online motors on Amazon which include pigtail wires that you’d have to splice into the stock cable and forgo the connector… I’ve used these on 2 machines and had great results.

Thank you!