Z-axis motor plate issues

So, the short makerslide fouls against the acme screw bearing.

Causing a pretty good gap

And cranking it about 2.5mm out of square… is this normal/acceptable?

If not, should I back off the short screws holding the bearing down and pull this gap down first?

To me it looks like yoou installed the makerslide on the wrong side of the motor plate

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Damnit… Yeah, there’s that…

Don’t ask me how I know that. I have done every mistake there is to make. Still making them too.

Partial credit for not torquing it down and moving on?

This is the last subassembly I have to get done. Can’t assemble the frame and such until I get my table built. Everything has gone smoothly, this good not withstanding…

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I give you credit for even asking for help. I was too nervous to ask. I have learned a ton from this forum,


Doh… Nevermind… Asked an even dumber question, then edited it into oblivion…

dont worry bro. I did it too… yes props for thinking before torquing!