Z-Axis Motor Pulley

Been assembling my unit for 2 weeks now. Taking my time and making sure I get it done right. I did make a couple mistakes but they were easily fixed once I realized them.
Got all the way up to the computer testing and setup.
X-Axis works as it should.
Y-Axis works as it should.

Now the problem:

The Z-Axis did nothing. Up or down.
The Z-Axis motor was working. I do not have the guide pulleys to tight. The belt tension was fine.
What I found was the pulley on the Z-Axis motor was not spinning.
The Z-Axis motor shaft was spinning in the pulley and the pulley was not rotating.
There are no set screws in this pulley.
The pulley will slide up and down the Z-Axis motor shaft but will not come off the top of the shaft.
It looks like the pulleys are just pressed onto that motor shafts. Maybe this one had a defect?

I have sent an email to Support on friday. Got a reply on Monday afternoon. I replied back within an hour or so with a better explanation and pictures. So far nothing today.
One of the reasons I picked X-Carve was the great support that i was hearing about. Hopefully this is a fluke.
I will be placing a phone call tomorrow if I have not heard anything yet.