Z axis motor shifting up/down when only one direction activated

Z axis motor shifting up/down when only one direction activated. During machine setup I noticed a lag on the Z axis motor. When engaging the Z axis control buttons the motor will turn one direction for a moment then when the same direction button it goes the opposite way. I did well the last 2 projects with no problems encountered. Nothing has changed since then. I checked belt tension, see if screw was binding and if everything was in complete alignment. Any thoughts?

That’s a wiring issue. Check your stepper connections.

Thank you NeilFerreri1, I found the black wire was disconnected. Reinstalled and everything working as it should.


No problem…Glad you’re up and running!

Thanks for posting this. I had a similar problem. It wouldn’t have occurred to me that it was a wiring problem. I thought that an inconsistent response from the motor, like that, must be a software glitch. But, I took the drag chain apart and sure enough, my wiring had come loose.