Z Axis moves in wrong direction

First off I am a semi-noob. I have had some successful projects but an expert by no means. Up until today My X-Carve using Easel has worked perfect. Today, when I was homing the Z Axis the motor would move the dremel down and then suddenly move back up part of the way. I would let off of the down button and try again. It would do the same thing, down part of the way then up again. Not sure what to think. I checked the wiring, restarted my computer and restarted the X-Carve. Could it be a bad motor. Thanks in advance.

Make sure none of the wires on the z-axis have not come loose. It really sounds like a shorted wire.

Thanks. I will double,check the wiring again tomorrow. Would you recommend
changing the wiring?

No reason to change…just make sure the connections are solid.

Thanks. I will let you know what I find out.

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Thanks Bob

I finally got to check the wiring today. I checked all of the connections and tightened
them down. The motor is still acting the same way. Any other ideas?

Just about the only reason for the motor to spin both directions is if one of the four wires are “missing” from the motor standpoint. Yes it can be a defect within the motor or controller. (Does it do the same if you swap an Y-motor for the Z-axis)

This of course is years after but I wanted to put what worked for me. If the z-axis moves the wrong way, swap the black and the green wires on the back of the xcontroller. Messing with GRBL settings has never been effective for me as they tend to be overwritten by Easel and it’s just easier to let Easel do the config anyway… If you’re worried about the motor the Y2 is also wired backwards so that it spins in a different direction than the Y1.

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