Z axis not carving deep enough - won't adjust?

I am carving what I thought should be an easy carve but am having issues with getting my Z axis to carve deep enough.
I first used a 1/4 spiral upcut bit to carve an oval pocket on the wood. depth is set @ 3/16" depth of cut.

Keeping the same XYZ zero point, I switched to a 60 degree V-bit to carve this set @ 5/8" depth of cut.

The issue is that the V-bit doesn’t carve in the pocket. The tip remains about 1/16" above the pocket surface and doesn’t carve anything. My goal was to only have about an 1/8" deep carve. When it didn’t work, I adjusted and it continually stays the same no matter how deep I’m setting it.

Why isn’t it going deeper to carve?

You cannot keep the same Z zero when changing bits. The chance of you getting the exact same stick out is very unlikely.

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You will need to re zero the machine every time you change bits, once you do that you should be good to go!

I appreciate the response and understand that some may not think of this, however I did reset zero. I actually even set Z a fraction lower.
I’m running the carve using Universal G-code Sender, FYI because I don’t have internet access in my shop.

How exactly?

I jogged the bit to the same exact x/y location and lowered the bit to my Z height then hit RESET ZERO.

The only thing I can think is maybe an old setting is still being remembered somehow in the computer cache memory and the new program isn’t overwriting. I’m not THAT techy, I’ve just heard of situations like that happening. Other than that, I have NO idea why it’s not working right.

after bit change, you have to reset Z height to where you want to start in the pocket. hopefully you go it figured out.