Z axis not correct and spindal not staying on

Using Shapoko with X-Controller

Set up machine, X, Y, Z all move correctly, Test Automatic Spindle, It turns on for a split second (I assume that is what the test is supposed to do).

First Test cut, Set home position, Raise the bit, turn on Motor - Motor turns on for a split second and goes off. I reset everything and try again, motor turns on for a split second and turns off.

I lock the motor ON manually and start the Carve, everything cuts OK.

I run a second test, home the machine, set my Z, click “Raise Bit”, I turn on the spindle manually, start the carve and the Shapoko moves into position and starts carving - only one problem, - the Z NEVER LOWERS. So it is just cutting the air. I shut down everything and re-boot my computer exact same thing happens.

I exit out that job and go into Carve to move the motors manually. I set the step to 1", text X left and right, it moves 1 “, I test Y For and aft, It moves 1”. I test Z UP - it move 0.25 inches. ???

Any ideas why my Z is suddenly off after the first test or why my Spindle will not stay on when set to Automatic.?