Z axis not jog correct number

i have problem with my cnc, only z axis has wrong steps, if i write 70 mm go down ,it is go about 10mm and stop, i check all the calibration in z axis, it is good tied,

Did you choose ACME rod on Machine setup.

i use m8 rod ,set up my machine, when i want to use home the z axis go up and stop in the middle,i again raise it to hit the limit switch, if i give it 70mm go down or up ,it stops after 15mm,

So, is your Delrin not loose enough or too tight. Usually comes very tight then you have to put your rod on your drill and make up/down many times until gets comfortable.
One other thing, if your Z Axis pulley’s set screw loose, it looses steps.

can i change the connector from z and x, and see what happens,because x is good steps,

But, software wise steps are different. Z travel for M8 nut, X travel for Belt drive.

i lose my program becuse i downlosd another gbrl, how i can upload the easel program again

Forum have enough information previously posted. Just put on search, you’ll see helpful information.