Z-Axis not moving during setup

Ok…Let me say this first. My machine was working just fine yesterday.

List of things that changed since it was working last:
1: Formatted laptop, removed Windows 10, installed Windows 7 Pro. This is due to Windows 10 being loaded on an older laptop and it bogged the system down for everything. Once I got to Easel I was able to carve without issues.
2: Windows 7 Pro installed, all windows updates applied
3: Installed FTDI device driver
4: Installed the latest Easel driver, 3.12 and tested
4: Installed Easel driver, 3.11 and tested
4: Installed Easel driver, 3.10 (which is what I had before the reformat) and tested

When open Easel and go to set up my machine I can move the X and Y axis just fine but the Z makes a little clicking sound but does not move at all. I have swapped the X and Z cables at the back of the X-Controller and then the Z moves fine using the X axis buttons. I believe I’ve read every other article I can find about this same issue and have tried everything I have read, but still nothing is working for me. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I’m having this same issue. My only difference is before the Z-axis stopped working and only started buzzing and clicking is I didn’t change anything with my computer.

Leading up to my Z-Axis not working the z would move randomly when manually controlled. What I mean by randomly is if I told the z to retract it might retract or plunge. If I told the z to plunge it might plunge or retract.

I also checked my wiring and everything is good and I also swapped the x and z cables and the z then worked fine so I know it is not a mechanical issue.

Is there a solution to this yet? Thanks!