Z axis only cuts to a maximum of 1/8”

Forgive me if this is a trivial issue, but I just started. Have XCarve 750 w/ d611. Regardless of my Z depth, it only cuts to 1/8”. All screws are tight, Z moves freely when jogged, and will move freely (jogged) past the 1/8 into a predrilled hole in my wasteboard. So I don’t have a clue. Ideas? I’ve looked for similar issues, but nothing I’ve yet found has helped. Any assistance is appreciated, because unless I use 1/8” or less stock, this is a big weight holding my desk down.

Really sound like something with the design, if the machine can move below top surface of waste board but won’t with code, something is up with your file.

Please share it so we can review it, you can share an Easel file by clicking File -> Share -> Shared with link (copy the link press save) Then post that link here.

You do not mention what design software you use btw - please elaborate if it isn’t Easel.

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True, we have no data of the bit returning to its zero after a carve so that is one plausible cause.

I did begin disassembly of the Z axis, and noticed a cracked extruded part. I am in the process of replacing. Is that it? I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like it would be. We will see.

I am using easel, I have verified that all z-axis cuts are deeper than 1/8” tho. That was my first check that I did. I am having to do a large windows update, so as soon as I can get back on my laptop, I will send. I am posting via iPad, and Easel and my IPad don’t get along very well. I think there’s some bad blood there for some reason, and neither will talk about it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If that were the case, wouldn’t it not cut at all, or VERY shallow because as soon as it makes contact it begins getting resistance. Just a thought.

It does return to zero, and when moving it returns to the correct height. Once carve is finished, it does and return home position, at correct height.

Please share:

  • your design file (Easel, File, Share, Share Public, copy&paste the URL.)
  • Your GRBL settings

If the bit dont loose position after a carve => you are not loosing steps.
If you can jog below work surface but it will not when carving then it may very well be a work flow issue. Sharing your design will help us tell.