Z Axis Plasma


Very interesting, you have a 4th axis too. What torch are you using? I guess you took the components apart to fit into the tube. I would like to have a CNC for my Razorweld Plasma but they are fairly expensive. I’ve looked at the Crossfire but it does not have a Z axis torch height. How are you going to address EMI issues? Will you install this on the X_Carve?

I have the X-carve and a Crossfire at work.

I want to say that you can add a Z axis on the crossfire and there is a whole thread on their forum about how to do it.

On both machines you need to have a pilot start plasma to keep the EMI to a minimum. I have used the X-carve for a cnc plasma and it is possible (thread on this forum for it was well). both systems use a USB connection which is can be problematic with EMI (hence no High Frequency start) on either machine.

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this torch comes complete and I have no problems EMI all the cables of this plasma are shielded, this plasma plate is swivel uses magnets and guides to keep it in place at 100X100 everything I designed in vectric aspire and all the parts cut in milling machine that also manufactures aluminum parts?

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So are you happy with the crossfire? Did you add the Z axis? I understand that the Razorweld is compatible with the Crossfire.

Unfortunately, it is hard for me to justify as I do this as a hobby but I’ve had a number of request for metal signs that I’ve cut with my Shapeoko but it is not efficient.

the idea is to change this system is bad this plasma is for hobby?

It is not bad for hobby but it costs money, time and space. IMO, you need to use it significantly to justify this. I have many hobbies, do I have enough time to devote to the plasma CNC.

For example, I’m currently cleaning a forest from fallen trees and use the wood for firewood or to make lumber. I can only devote a few weeks a year to do that and it requires equipment that is expensive but I justified it based on the fact that I want to preserve the land, I need firewood, I can’t get someone to do selective cutting as it is too much work for little return.

No I have not added a Z axis, not sure I will but I have been reading the forums and keep it in mind as an option. I use these in a teaching environment so they are more of a proof of concept thing for the visual learners. they get to see the steps needed to go from concept to end result.

I just wanted you to know that this is all possible as other have done it.

I do not understand the need for such large steppers?
You only need to move the torch through air.
Also why the 4th/tilting axis if it is not controlled by a stepper and I have never seen a plasma used at such an angle. I would think that angle could only be used along one axis not two?

excuse my answer but I do what the clients ask and to the taste of my clients?


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Interesting! Never seen plate steel cut like that. Some are like yours and only a single angle and some are compound with 5th axis.