Z axis probe problem (Sainsmart 3018 CNC)

Not an Easel Pro issue I guess. But I have a Sainsmart 3018 Pro. I bought a z axis probe but can’t figure out where it plugs into the controller.
Any help is appreciated.

Do you have an A5 pin available?
Connect the probe to that and the endmill to ground.

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Thanks Neil. That’s what I needed.
Now I just have to figure out why I always have to re enter my machine set up info, and I’m trying to use the same model from Fusion. One is for holes, the other is to cut the outside shape. I selected to use previous XYZ and it was off a lot.

Did you home the machine?

Drop Easel if you’re using Fusion. Use CNCjs to control the machine.

I did Home XYZ. On the next op I selected to use last Home position and was off about an inch in X and Y.
I’ll check out the one you suggested. Thanks!

so my touch probe works using a cnc shield kit but for some reason easel says the probe is making contact when the spindle hasn’t touched the probe. when the probe touches the spindle the green circle turns gray to no contact. I have days looking for how to fix this. I dont understand why the connections are inverted. Did you ever have that problem with your setup. If so please give me your advice. i would greatly appreciate any information you have to share. if it helps i have already changed the grbl G38.2 command and my two wires are connected to the two pins GRD and SCL. I hope its not to hard to notice my comment

What’s your $6 value?
If it’s $6=0, change it to $6=1 or vice versa.