Z axis problem and x axis won't home

I was carving something, walked away for a bit when I came back the Z axis had plunged into the work piece way deeper then it was called for, I stopped it but now the Z axis won’t home properly it’s going down when it should be going up, also the X axis won’t home.

1 - If the motor suddenly move in the opposite direction, or only in one direction regardless of jog input => one of its four motor wires has poor/no contact.

2 - Homing cycle follow this procedure: Raise Z until switch is triggered or travel exceed 150% of soft limit range. Then X and Y will follow.
If Z dont trigger the switch the system will halt and raise an alarm. Remedy point 1.

ok thank you

Look at the pulley on the ACME rod. Check the 2 grub screws to ensure they’re tight.

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Thank you HaldorLonningdal and JustinBusby it’s fixed