Z Axis Problem on newer XCarve

I have the 750mm XCarve that I have recently upgraded with the new belts, stepper motors and Z Axis
Everything is great, with the exception of the Z Axis.

When jogging the machine into position, I get this horrible noise and the Z Axis doesn’t move say 1mm when you jog it 1mm. It sort of randomly moves and sometimes just makes the crunching noises.

I can freely move the lead screw with my hand with the machine off.

Sometimes, randomly, after a bit of moving it around it will just behave and move.

Visually, it looks ok to my eyes and the screws holding the lead screw in position look fine.

Is my Z Axis dead?

The first things I would check:
Wiring (both the connector to the stepper and the back of the XController) for loose wires
The Coupler that attaches the Stepper Motor Shaft to the Lead Screw, there are 2 allen screws and there’ve been reports of these coming loose shortly after installation, indicating that they weren’t tightened well enough at the factory.

And to note: the new Z axis is generally louder, the lack of a belt and polymer V-Wheels to dampen vibration noise causes this additional sound.

one other thing to examine are the CNC settings:
can you Press Ctrl+Shift+D within Easel and then scroll to the bottom to the settings, can you get those settings and post here. thanks!

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