Z-Axis Problem ProVerXL 4030

Been using the router successfully with few issues. Started a new project, and while keeping an eye on things, the Z Axis sent the router down into the wood. I can start a new project, with no success. Since then, I am unable to do anything. I’ve attached the links to 2 videos showing what is occurring. Tried doing a clean install on 2 other PC’s, hasn’t changed anything.

Bit of a newbie, but if anyone can give some direction, would be appreciated.

moving down when it’s sent up, and locking up when sent up tells me that the wires are loose… The wires for the Z stepper motor are loose and only sometimes connecting properly. I’d check the connector at the back of the Z stepper hanging in the back there, it might be flexing a bit when it’s at that far left position…

AND the 2nd issue ( a totally separate problem), the limit switch appears to not be functioning at the end of that 2nd video.
In Easel press Ctrl+Shift+D to open the page called Machine Inspector. In that page you can see whether the limit switch is being triggered correctly, you can press the limit switch by hand and see if the circle changes to green to indicate it’s being pressed. Doing this should help identify if the switch is defective, or if its maybe a cabling issue, or if the switches are plugged into the wrong ports at the back of the controller…

i inspected all wires and checked limit switch and all appears to be ok. The machine works ok in the center of the work area about 200mm x250mm in x and y but will not home as it goes past the limits then i have to push the stop button any help would be great thks.

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