Z-Axis problems

Hey new to the machine so still a lot of learning to do but i have had a weird issue happen to me with my last cut attempts. After a couple of small, easy and successful projects i tried my had at some coasters. Everything went very well until the last cut where the tool path brought the bit into contact with my clamps resulting in the bit breaking. I changed the bit to make the final circular cut on the 6 coasters, after running through all the set up i started the carve. The x-carve shot down 7ish mm and went through my piece (being 6mm) and completed the circle and went down about another 9mm and went around again through my wasteboard. I was very confused and left with a 9mm deep circle in my waste board. i put this down to my own fault. The next day being today i decided to run the coasters again using a bigger bit and adjusting the carve to run it. The same thing happened again after setting up using the z-probe i started the carve and it immediately goes into the project piece and starts cutting where it shouldnt. When it reaches where it should be it goes down again further into the piece.

Any ideas would be appreciated as i am at a loss.


I am currently running it after setting it up without the z-probe and it is working better but still going deeper then it should be.

Re home the machine, and then reset the zero

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Make sure nothing is loose. After crashing into a clamp, you could have a loose Vwheel or pulley set screw or something else.

Check everything again.


Hey thanks for all the advice i re-homed the machine and that seamed to work a treat.