Z axis tilt adjustment, how do you do it?

It’s pretty simple to get the left/right of the spindle square, but the front to back doesn’t even seem to get mentioned.

I see that mine is off and was wondering what is the best procedure to adjust that? My spindle is off square in the direction of back at you if you were facing it.

Do the eccentric nuts on the V-wheels play any part in the squareness of the X axis bar? Or do you basically just shim it at one of the connections?

Loosen the four cap screws at each end of the X axis Maker Slide and twist the beam accordingly. Shims should not be needed, and eccentric nuts are only for v-wheel tightness.

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I think I have found the issue, or narrowed it down to 2 or 3 possibilities. My table is level, machine is square. The main cross bar for the X axis is level and square to the waste board. But the gantry is tilted in, quite a bit actually. I don’t know which one of those is messed up, but I believe one of these parts are bent or twisted

When I built my machine last Winter I had the same issue. I ended up putting a piece of thin cardboard behind the router mounting bracket, at the very bottom. Like you, I verified everything else was true first. When I bought my Supergrade Z Axis from a company I will not name or support, I needed no shim. Good luck and happy holidays.