Z axis tram plate

Is anyone here making or using smoething like this Z axis tram plate (https://www.beavercnc.co.uk/product-page/beaver-cnc-easy-tram-for-shapeoko) that is being offered for the Shapeoko?

I have been thinking about how to do something like this for my xcarve.

Funny this should come up. I also agree the tramming on the x-carve is pretty…rudimentary. I was adjusting my tram last night (I tend to have to do this often) and also wondered if there was a better way to do this. I’ve found the X-axis tram to be relatively easy to do, the Y axis tram is the pita for me. Loosening the eight X-axis screws and half-assing the alignment and tightening everything back is overly tedious. Also, adjusting for preload is a whole other issue.

Hey guys,

Luke here from Beaver CNC :slight_smile:

I designed this plate initially inline with the HDZ but offered out free plans ages back for Shapeoko users. It allows the easy tram of the router left/right and nod through shims.

I’m happy to share the designs with folks if they want them and can roll our a X-Carve version for those who need anodised aluminium in their life.

Tramming is fundamental to any CNC job, if there is anything I/we can help make this easier we will :slight_smile:




I’d be Very interested in these plans…

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Same here

I would also be interested. I am running a Frankenstein Xcarve 2017/Shapeoko 2. It is using the SO2 Z-axis belt drive Acme kit. The XC Dewalt 611 mount.

Is that with the 60mm or 62mm holes for the router mount?

Great idea, I have the 8" travel CNC4newbie XCarve slider and would pay for a tram plate if it was available. My tram is off .01 as of this typing. Something adjustable would be a great addition to the machine. All of the time consuming adjustments take away from the fun of carving.

I’ll have to check

I would also be interested. Just having a set screw to adjust things would be great. The nod adjustment is really the problem.

Nod is a pain in the bum. I’ve looked at a few ways in doing it. The most logical way would be with a screw, however it needs to be finer than 0.5 thread and be dual otherwise you introduce a new rotation.

Right now I use shims in the top and bottom of the plate, then focus on left/right.

@DavidYerkes Do you have a hole diagram?

Don’t know if this will help or not. This is the spindle mount I have and it’s bolted to the CNC4Newbie XCarve slider.Spindle Mount I think this is the hole diagram needed, if not anyone else please drop in.

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I adjust mine by loosening the X gantry from the side plates


As do we all, just not very accurate and difficult to get right.

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yes, it’s terrible.

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Thanks, that is pretty useful!

Looking at the router mount it’s actually easier to modify this than create an additional mounting plate. Let me look into something and I will report back :slight_smile:

Happy new year all.

ok looking at the spindle mount you have all you need is an eccentric spacer!

I’d also look to drill out the 5.1mm holes as right now they are the only thing from restricting it…

Thanks for looking into this, The New Year has brought me a new cold so I might be out of the shop awhile before I can check this out. Sounds like a simple solution and looking forward to testing it out.

Thanks again.

That is what I was thinking, Then i saw your Youtube video. I even bought the spacers.

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Sorry, where do the spacers go? I’m not following.