Z axis uneven cut

I’m having trouble with my cuts not being the same depth as it moves in the y axis. I checked the waste board and its level.

Just a FYI, a level really has no place on a cnc machine. What matters is that the top of the workpiece is parallel to the plane of the spindle.

This is best achieved by surfacing the workpiece.

Another option that I have used is shimming the workpiece using the bit as a touch gague to get the top near perfectly parallel.

Another common method that gets it pretty close is surfacing the wasteboard and then using planed flat material, or your mdf should be good enough… if the wasteboard is surfaced using the cnc.

You may want to take a micrometer and check if your material (MDF?) is the same thickness from one side to the next. If at some point it was subject to humidity, one side could have expanded. I’ve had this issue with the cheap pine panels from the local box stores where the thickness can vary by a 1/16".

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