Z-Axis upgade plate don’t fit

Hi, i just bought the full upgrade kit (from Robosavvy), i’m assembling it now and run in to this:
The Z-Axis Plates (Riser Upgrade) are bad, can’t screw it to the Y Axes! The distance between the Holes are around 2 and a half mm closer!
What can i do with this? All 4 Plates have the same sizes.

If i make 1 Hole bigger (“oval”), does it affect the whole maschine?

Ps: sorry for my english, im from Hungary, i never learnt english.

are you measuring the correct holes?

Here you can see the installation instructions, the top hole is used for the belting and.
The holes that attach to the Extrusion should be exactly 20mm and are the 2nd and 3rd holes from the top.

Here is the full instruction:


Oh GOD! After 10 Hours of work at my job … i’m a little tired … Thank U so much!!!


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