Z Axis won't stay home/air cutting

Just got an X carve (pre-2021) and while working on a project with my daughter, we accidentally raised the Z-axis too high. Now the Z-axis is way off. I tried removing the machine from Easel and reloading, tried lowering the Z-axis manually while the machine is off. Even with these attempts to fix this the machine is “air cutting” or raising the Z-axis too high and jamming the router into the motor mount.

Any suggestions? Super new to this and not super tech savvy.

when you home the machine what happens? is it hitting the z switch?

when I hit the home button, the Z-Axis is trying to elevate too hit, causing the router to hit the Z-axis mount.

I’ve tried just using the start new position function, setting it with just the tip on the corner of the board. when I start the cut, the Z-axis is elevating too high and air cutting.

you may have bent the home switch. bend the sping down just a little and try to home it again. if it would be easier for you, send me a pm on facebook messenger. then i can see whats happening

Can you share a photo of where it hits the mount?
this button to post a photo (not everybody knows about the option to post photos)