Z-Depth does not seem to be working correctly

I set my material depth and the home position and when the x-carve starts it goes too deep. It does not seem to recognize my home starting point.

I cut some 1/4 MDF as my first test cut and when it cut the part out it went into my wasteboard. So for the second test I put a 1/4 MDF under the one I wanted to cut. My total depth was 1/2 an inch. I set the material to 1/4 and reset the home position. I would assume that when I home it that it would start the depth from that home position.

It immediately cut way too deep. It went completely through the 1/4 material into the second board behind it.

How is the home position actually set?
I wanted to put the 1/4" material under the board I was cutting to save my waste board. I actually think that the reason it cut through the material before is that the z-depth was going too far then. I set the depth for .19" which should have been enough for it to not cut all the way through.

Since this is my first test cuts I am not sure exactly what I am doing wrong.

I tried it again and set the material depth to .50" since I had two .25" boards stacked and the same thing happened. I have attached a photo of the first cut that it made. It almost went through both boards.

Was the correct z-axis rod chosen when you set up your machine? Acme vs M8 threaded rod…

I think you maybe right. I may have chosen the wrong lead screw.
I will double check tonight when I can run it again.


So yes I had the wrong z-axis rod chosen.

I tested it and it was much better. I am having a couple of other issues, but I want to double check everything now before I post anything about it.

Thanks for the help.

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