Z depth is off


For some reason my z depth is massively off from the instruction given. Set depth to 2mm and it’s carving to 4mm

GBRL setting for $102=188.976.

The distance when jogging is bang on 100mm jog goes 100mm but as soon as hit carve it doubles the value.

Any ideas?

You could be losing steps because of the bushing binding on the screw. Are you able to raise and lower the Z axis all the way without any perceived stress?

Easel or other program?

All sorted. The z step calibration was out by 1.5mm so recalculated and ran a depth chart came out perfect.

@Zach_Kaplan. Not sorted. Still doubles on 2 staging. I’ve emailed you the details of the project. Disappointing as I did easel pro specifically for this job

How are you setting your zero for the detail pass?

It’s doubling on the roughing as well. Both set to 2mm but going 4mm. Tried a cut through at 17mm and after it had cleared the workpiece (17mm) I stopped it with the “oh sh!t” button but it had already gone through to my wasteboard by 1.5mm at that point

But inventables customers service are looking at it now so will have a solve soon.

When carving through material my work flow is as follows:

  • Place down the material to be carved, say it is 12mm thick
  • I then zero my Z off the waste board surface, and raise the bit 0.5mm higher than material thickness => 12.5mm
  • Place my bit where I want X/Y zero, and use this as my home position (work zero)
  • Tell Easel I want to carve 12.5mm deep
  • Carve

Regardless steps per millimeter calue the carve will end exactly at surface level.
Any discrepancy from that will stem from malfunction/mechanical slippage/backlash or steps lost.

I’ll give that try. At the moment it seems to be just 1 project that does it as I just done a different one and it was fine

I have had the same problem since I bought the machine. I just cut the Z measurments in half. If I unplug the machine and restart it, it cuts the exact depth I want, every carve after that will be double.