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Z-depth is wrong and makes no sense

Example: using Easel Pro: Create a star set the star to cut .75(3/4) into a 1 inch stock board.
Zero out the 1/8 straight bit on the top of the board. each pass is set by the default bit setting’s (Appears to be cutting around a 1/4 per pass) Cuts in the correct location.
Continues to make passes until it buries the spindle into the stock with the bit sticking out 1 1/8.

Bit did not move. (repeatable no matter what bit or depth i set it too)

If I set the depth of cut to .27 it cuts to the right depth for .75. This happens on everything I cut. You cant set the depth of cut to be .25 because it will be almost 3 times that deep.
No matter what bit.
No matter how many times i set a new location and zero out on the stock.
Its not divisible by 2 like a lathe pass, and changes on each depth.
to cut 1/4 i have to set the depth of cut to 0.03044 in
to cut 3/4 i have to set the depth of cut to .275 in

I JUST want to set the depth to a setting and have it cut to that depth. ANY help would be so appreciated I have been giving up and coming back to this device to 2 years now , since day one it has acted like this and i thought it was me. Maybe it is but I have no clue what I am doing wrong.

Have you calibrated your Z axis? If you tell it to move 1/8" does it do that or more/ less than 1/8"? There is a GRBL setting for steps per mm for each axis that can be changed.

See my post#3 in this thread.

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What machine do you have?
What’s your $102 setting?

It cuts everything perfectly expect depth of cut.
I will try your calibration

1000mm X-Carve

You probably just have the incorrect $102 value.
Default for the X-Carve with stock Z is 188.947

If that’s not it, you may have a mechanical issue like a pulley set screw loose.