Z depth issues

Hi, when I cut from an easel project the design cuts at right depth at first, but then at a later point in the design it’s not cutting deep enough to cut into the wood. I checked my v wheels on both rails, they seem ok as far as I can tell. What else can I check?

Sounds like the material is not level or the same thickens on the other end.

Yes, and I was wondering if it was bowed in the middle, I guess I should put level on it

Have you checked the spoilboard for level?

So one side of the board is ok and the other side is not while it is cutting the same “layer”?
Mine does that too, it is because my waste board is not flat.

My short term fix was to bolt a second sheet of MDF on top and use a 3/4" router bit to “Skin” it so it was level. My long term fix is level and redo my whole waste board.

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