Z direction is random then jams

Finally put everything together. In testing, X and Y move just fine. Z does not move correctly. When I press up, it moves up or down until after a couple of presses it seems to jam. Same for when I press down.

The direction isn’t reversed, it is random back and forth.

Any help would be appreciated

Yes, when I push up the Z may move up or down, it is random. The next time I push it it will do the opposite motion before seizing.

It was late when I finished so I will check everything again. I was pretty sure that Z was correct in its wiring.

Turns out the red wire had popped out of the board. I’m amazed it was working at all.

Haven’t checked the rest of it out yet but at least the steppers are working.

Thanks for the help.

With a wire disconnected you only have one coil connected.

Visualize the motor as a tricycle front wheel. With only one foot pushing it is random which way you will start. It depends if the pedal was in front of or behind the axle. Many times it just won’t work at all too.

Just had the same problem with a splice breaking. Thankfully, I found the answer here right away.